Referral Tracking System (RTS)

The County of Santa Clara’s Office of Reentry Services collect client information, track their needed services and generate referrals to County Departments and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).  The Office staff also tracks progress of clients’ journeys through the reentry process and reports back to Reentry Stakeholders (e.g. Courts) and the County’s Board of Supervisors.  All the information, as clients go through their journeys, were collected, tracked and reported through paper-based processes.

Referral Tracking System Screen

The new web-based system created for the Reentry Resource Center eliminates the majority of the paper-based processes, created a true referral tracking portal which can share relevant data between the County and Community Based Organizations, streamlined service linkages between various organizations, as well as enable more accurate and quicker reporting back to the various program stakeholders.

Reentry Resource Center staff can register and review client information and journey as they progress:

Referral Tracking System Screen 2

The system has specific portals for each department (within and outside of County).  County and external organization users are authenticated via Azure and access levels are assigned to share only the needed information for the referral receiving departments to perform their services:

Referral Tracking System Screen 3

The Search Screens were designed not only for quick searches for useful information at a glance, but allows for ease of creating client transition plans and referrals:

System captures electronically referrals, referral outcomes, as well as allow various departments and organizations to refer clients to other services (upon approval by the Office of Reentry Services):

Referral Tracking System Screen 4

The transformation project took some time as operational functions between the various departments and CBOs had to be reviewed and, in some cases, process re-engineered.  However, the project sponsors are very happy with the resulting system and processes as they are reaping the following benefits from day 1 of go-live:

  • Better communication between RRC staff, service providers and clients
  • Service providers can better track client progress and follow up with clients
  • Better data to determine which services are being used
  • Enhanced IT security
  • More accountability for staff and clients
  • Increased efficiency means more RRC capacity for clients to be connected to services
  • Increased efficiency means greater client confidence and increased utilization of services 
  • Better reporting capabilities to create dashboards for Reentry Stakeholders and the Board of Supervisors


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